April 13, 2015


The Southeast has had some undesirable weather over the past four months. We have been really happy to see some "abundant sunshine" in the forecast. With better weather, the boys have gotten to enjoy their spring sports: Ayden is playing his second season of baseball, and Brogan is participating in soccer.
During Ayden's first baseball game, he hit off coach pitch two of the three times. He scored runs with every at-bat. In addition, he got to play one inning on the mound, where he got two of the three outs. Ayden says his favorite part of that game was beating people to home plate and getting them out. He likes baseball so much that he has asked his daddy to practice in addition to organized play.
Brogan's first game was REALLY cold, and he did all right considering the temperature and layers of clothing. At his second game, he was less cooperative. He had maybe one minute of brilliance combined with many minutes of stubborn. The best we could do was insist that he stay on the field with his five-man soccer team. He wasn't happy with us, but it was a mutual struggle. We know he is only three, so we are trying to remain positive and patient.
Playing with the grass
Three photos of brilliance begin here.
He wanted to make sure that we saw how unhappy he was.

March 13, 2015


Brogan is three!! Happy birthday to my peanut! 

Brogan had a monster truck art party at school. On his actual birthday, our family went with friends to a children's discovery museum for the day. We all enjoyed a very personal day celebrating our precious son!
Brogan loved running through his bedroom door decorations!
He was excited about EVERY gift!

March 10, 2015

A Last Resort: Bribery

Brogan had his first soccer practice yesterday. He was so miserable in the first half of practice. He cried. He clung to my leg. He refused to look at or listen to his coach, and he did nothing more than stand on the field with the ball at his feet. I tried reasoning with him and playing with him, but, in the end, I did the very thing I didn't want to do: I bribed him. And the turnaround was immediate! At the end of practice, he proclaimed that he "had fun at soccer ball practice." Phew! One day down! HA!

March 9, 2015

More Firsts

I remember when we first had Ayden, and I was experiencing so many firsts. First time to smile. First time he took a bottle. First time Ayden walked. And then with Brogan, we got to see those "firsts" again. As the boys got older, I think I was concerned that we would run out of "firsts." But we don't. And we won't.

Last week the boys got to sled for the first time. Our past snows haven't been all that conducive to a good sledding experience. We hardly got any snow in January (my last post), and then February dumped a bunch of ice on us. The ice wasn't very fun and lasted a week. However, we FINALLY got a snow worthy of sledding, and, boy, was my daddy, the boys' G-Daddy, prepared! He had one of every type of sled, including the steering wheel sled that I grew up using. (That thing is AWESOME!)

Ayden jumped right into the experience. He tried nearly every sled and was willing to ride them in a variety of ways. Brogan took some convincing, but he loved sledding equally as much. We had the best day! An incredible memory!