March 10, 2015

A Last Resort: Bribery

Brogan had his first soccer practice yesterday. He was so miserable in the first half of practice. He cried. He clung to my leg. He refused to look at or listen to his coach, and he did nothing more than stand on the field with the ball at his feet. I tried reasoning with him and playing with him, but, in the end, I did the very thing I didn't want to do: I bribed him. And the turnaround was immediate! At the end of practice, he proclaimed that he "had fun at soccer ball practice." Phew! One day down! HA!

March 9, 2015

More Firsts

I remember when we first had Ayden, and I was experiencing so many firsts. First time to smile. First time he took a bottle. First time Ayden walked. And then with Brogan, we got to see those "firsts" again. As the boys got older, I think I was concerned that we would run out of "firsts." But we don't. And we won't.

Last week the boys got to sled for the first time. Our past snows haven't been all that conducive to a good sledding experience. We hardly got any snow in January (my last post), and then February dumped a bunch of ice on us. The ice wasn't very fun and lasted a week. However, we FINALLY got a snow worthy of sledding, and, boy, was my daddy, the boys' G-Daddy, prepared! He had one of every type of sled, including the steering wheel sled that I grew up using. (That thing is AWESOME!)

Ayden jumped right into the experience. He tried nearly every sled and was willing to ride them in a variety of ways. Brogan took some convincing, but he loved sledding equally as much. We had the best day! An incredible memory!

January 24, 2015

The BIG Snow of 2015

We don't get a lot of snow, so when we get ANY,

January 23, 2015

Ayden & Jude: A Five-Year Friendship

We have journeyed the past five years closely with Jude's family, as Jude was born only the month before Ayden at Vanderbilt. Jude was also born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and the boys' surgeries, struggles, and victories often coincided. We often nervously joked that the boys seem to follow each other around the hospital... from the floor to the PCCU and back again.

The first blog post that marked the beginning of our friendship can be found here:

Our families remain good friends. I don't know what I would do without Diana, Jude's mother, and I know that Ayden adores his heart buddy, Jude. Together we will walk as part of the Lionhearts Team. We will walk on May 16th for our families and for others.

Will you walk with us?
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